In consort with the development of steel, cement, aluminum, copper and petrochemical industries in Iran during recent years and in line with the growth and development of refractories industry, conditions for the establishment of modern and advanced plants has been provided. Therefore, Mehrgodaz Refractories was established in 1997 in Sefid-Dasht industrial zone, Chaharmahal-and-Bakhtiari province. However, considering rapid changes in refractories production, the company was designed in 2002 corresponding to the latest technological achievements in refractories production (especially basic refractories); then, selection, installation and running of new equipments were ended within a year and the factory was brought into service by producing Magnesia-Graphite bricks for steel ladles. After that Magnesia-Graphite bricks for EAF and BOF, Alumina-Magnesia-Graphite bricks for LF, different types of Magnesia, Magnesia-Chromite and Magnesia-Spinal bricks as well as Magnesia based basic masses for steel industries were added to the company’s product portfolio.
The annual production capacity of the factory, based on the initial design, was 20000 tons of various refractories including 15000 tons of shaped products (bricks) and 5000 tons of unshaped masses. In the redesign in 2011, by adding a 2500 ton automatic press and establishment of a production line with the capacity of producing 10000 tons of basic masses, the total production capacity of the factory mounted to 30000 tons per annum.
The company attempted to run a project to produce Corundum-Mullite heat shields for combustion chambers in (V94.2) gas turbines (versions 3 and 5) in a cooperation contract with Iran Power Development Organization (Thermal Power Plants Holding Company) in 2010. Following a very good performance of the produced heat shields in power plants of Jahrom and Kermanshah, the company established a fully independent production line for high alumina products which makes Mehrgodaz Refractories as the only heat shield producer in the Middle East.